San Luis Sourdough Breaded Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes, Shallots and Fresh Mozzarella

Let’s keep it simple.  It is quick and time efficient to make the breadcrumbs with a food processor, but the way I do it starts with the oven and gets me heated up. A glass of wine while cooking definitely doesn’t hurt by improving the warmth in the body.

Tomatoes and Mozzarella on Crusted Chicken

Simple and Tasty

Set up is super important when it comes to keeping things simple and clean. A partner is great, but this recipe is totally manageable with just one chef as well. Bendable cutting boards are great for covering the counter space  and to protect against bacteria and infection.

What do you need?

6– Slices San luis Sourdough  great flavor and very savory as fresh breadcrumbs.

1– Basket Cherry or Grape tomatoes (In season is best)

1 Package of wet mozzarella (buffalo or smoked if preferred)

3– Organic free range brown eggs

2– Tbsp of salt to taste

1– Cup of Flour

2– Large Shallots Peeled and Diced

1– Tsp of Garlic (added towards the end)

1– Pan sized sheet of aluminum foil

Preparation: Slice Mozzarella into round discs, half cherry tomatoes, dice shallots and move on to the crust

While crisping bread slices, add olive oil and and salt to taste. Smash them up when crispy. Bowls are better for liquid (like egg wash) and plates are great for flour/ breadcrumbs. The chicken must be cut thin if not purchased this way. Flour outside completely then knock off excess before dunking in egg wash. Lay down a layer of breadcrumbs on plate and cover all sides. Place in hot pan with olive oil and brown to seal in flavor. Place in oiled glass pan, so nothing sticks and repeat until all chicken is crusted and ready for the oven. Pre heat oven 375 degrees.

Put mozzarella discs on top of chicken.

Heat pan with oil and add shallots (chopped) until they sweat then add some salt add cherry tomatoes. 3 mins is long enough. Place on top chicken then cover with aluminum foil.

New strategies are presented every time we are in the kitchen, or at least to a chef that keeps their eyes open. My wife found a great book with lots of great advice and funny antidotes. The book written as a short, but influential read, named Why do lobsters turn red when you cook them? By Herve This. I will refer to the tasty bits of info from time to time. The author finds a brilliant balance between chemistry and passion in the kitchen. From ions to banana storage, there is a little something for most chefs. Take away what you will. By adding salt to the breadcrumbs I’m drawing out the moisture as the chicken is browned on the stove. If the chicken or roast was thicker Herve This recommends salting at the end to preserve flavor and moisture. This thin sliced chicken has benefits from salting the bread crumbs. Next time we shall salt later to test the theory, most likely before the oven.

This meal is a house favorite. I hope you will enjoy it with your family.