Tired of The Same Old Late Rising No Breakfast Blues??

Are you overweight and sick of feeling down? Is that cup of coffee getting you through your day?

Many people don’t believe that breakfast is important. I know you have heard that breakfast is one of the best ways to start your day. The truth is that your metabolism will shut down and go into starvation mode when you skip any meal. Why not start your day off with a complex carbo powerhouse of energy.

OATMEAL– Those Quakers have been doing it since the industrial revolution. This post is about ways to spice your oatmeal to make it tasty, fun burn those holiday pounds before they burn you.

Breakfast of Champions
Complex Carbohydrate Factory

Eggs on oatmeal seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Avocado (a half will do) then toast some Brian’s Bread Sourdough to eat with it. This meal will eat the rest of your meals throughout the day. Yes I said it . The fiber content alone will have your colin jumping for joy that you didn’t choose that 99 cent breakfast Jack from the french cafe (Le Box) down the street. It will pack more lasting energy than three triple grande, blended sugar factories from starbucks.

Almonds are also great on top of a bowl of oatmeal. They also will move your body in the right direction to battle those holiday pounds that most people gain. Almonds are a very interesting nut. It takes more energy to break them down than the fat store in each one. Spicy pecans and sunflower seeds are another great alternative.

I hear from other people, not to call anyone out, but they live in L.A. and stay up to the wee hours and sleep right through breakfast. I have told them a few times and I hope they are listening. Wake up early eat breakfast and go back to bed for nap. Day after day you will wake up earlier and bamm your life will change

Gather enough of these great tidbits and yes your life will change as well

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