Spicy Baby Back Ribs with Agave Sweet Potato and Brussels Sprouts

Heaven on a PlateThe awesome taste of a perfectly prepared rib is one of a kind. Especially the baby back.  The oven is genuine in control and consistency. This constant flow offers the manipulator the opportunity to bend the warm appetite of the hungry eater.

Tired of not doing them perfect on the grill?? It is true that is hard to cook tri tip and pork on the grill. I will show you the process of turning your next rack, that is usually hard work,  into nothing more than a time game.

How big is your rack and is your meat thermometer calibrated? Get one if you don’t have one. It is a must. The optimal  internal meat temperature is 160-165 degrees F to cook them to perfection.

Not much to trim on prepackaged free range pork from Trader Joes. We used the TJ’s Bold and Spicy sauce. The Kansas City (originated styled sauce) was astoundingly carmelized on the outside while the inside was tender and juicy . It had the right amount of front of the mouth, sophisticated spicy flavor, only matched by the amazing aromatics coming out of my kitchen. This was exactly what my family was looking for 😉

Really it is only “my kitchen” when I prepare the meal with little or no help

The only thing that was bad, short of cutting up ease, my children prefer to eat off the bone.  I knew those “juicy things” were totally done when they ripped apart with little force.  Season on both sides with Salt, Pepper and Cayenne Pepper. Cayenne is a great salt substitute.

Tip Season then Steam in Beer (Modelo Especial) , then half way, after 45 minutes apply some BBQ sauce allow heat for 15 minutes. Finish with final 45 minutes to  . Steam then Seal Outside

What YOU need:

1– 14-20oz Rack Baby Back Ribs. (I heard the Best quality comes from New Frontier Market Place San Luis Obispo)

RF Recipe Find this slow cooked garlic rib recipe is a simple idea by using just oil and garlic water to steam under foil circulating the heat through the foil and later applying BBQ sauce. Also A Food Centric has a nice orange glaze sauce which another oven cooked baby back rib recipe. Sounded amazing

8–ounces of washed Brussels Sprouts

4–medium sized Sweet Potatoes

1–Bottle TJ’s Bold and SPicy or your favorite BBQ sauce

1–can of beer ( preferably Modelo Especial)

“Slap ya Mama”–  Cajun Cayenne Pepper Blend to taste

1–Tsp of cinnamon

1–Tbsp of Honey or we used Agave Nector

1–1/2 stick butter to taste

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Blanching Brussels Sprouts can be prepared many ways that your grandmother would be proud of. As long as they taste great I’m all about it.

Gordon Ramsey does concise and direct recipes like this crunchy chestnut with a pancetta.  His simple style with garlic and butter what ever you like. As long as you boil for three minutes before they fully cook you will have nice sprouts with an ICE bath (right away) to stop the process. Crisp back up in a hot pan

Preheat oven to 375 for 15 minutes. Put broil pan in the oven to warm. Lay slab of pork on cutting board perpendicular to your blade and cut a starter in each slot down the ribs flip around and repeat on opposite side. Brush with Olive oil. Salt and Pepper. Lay Diagonal on Broiler pan fill underneath in well with your favorite “cold beer”, and cover with foil. Put them in the oven for 45 minutes with the bone arching down ^

Once that time is up put the sauce on both sides and turn those ribs arch up then re cover with foil to heat the sauce. After 15 mins take the foil off. This will start the sealing process by cooking the sugar on the outside and keeping the tenderness inside.

Small Sweet potatoes take 30-45 mins to reach the desired mash softness. They feel firm like a “ripe avocado” to touch and are hot so use a fork if your fingers are harmed by previous encounters with cooking. The agave nectar added a sugar base brought the index up a little higher. Hey, I thought if I balance with a little “Slap ya Mama (cayenne seasoning)” it would bring the temperature up nicely. (which it did!)  Add the 1/2 stick of butter with salt and pepper to taste and mix with the cinnamon. Stir vigorously

And yes those are paper plates- thanks for eating