Tired of The Same Old Late Rising No Breakfast Blues??

Are you overweight and sick of feeling down? Is that cup of coffee getting you through your day?

Many people don’t believe that breakfast is important. I know you have heard that breakfast is one of the best ways to start your day. The truth is that your metabolism will shut down and go into starvation mode when you skip any meal. Why not start your day off with a complex carbo powerhouse of energy.

OATMEAL– Those Quakers have been doing it since the industrial revolution. This post is about ways to spice your oatmeal to make it tasty, fun burn those holiday pounds before they burn you.

Breakfast of Champions
Complex Carbohydrate Factory

Eggs on oatmeal seasoned with a little salt and pepper. Avocado (a half will do) then toast some Brian’s Bread Sourdough to eat with it. This meal will eat the rest of your meals throughout the day. Yes I said it . The fiber content alone will have your colin jumping for joy that you didn’t choose that 99 cent breakfast Jack from the french cafe (Le Box) down the street. It will pack more lasting energy than three triple grande, blended sugar factories from starbucks.

Almonds are also great on top of a bowl of oatmeal. They also will move your body in the right direction to battle those holiday pounds that most people gain. Almonds are a very interesting nut. It takes more energy to break them down than the fat store in each one. Spicy pecans and sunflower seeds are another great alternative.

I hear from other people, not to call anyone out, but they live in L.A. and stay up to the wee hours and sleep right through breakfast. I have told them a few times and I hope they are listening. Wake up early eat breakfast and go back to bed for nap. Day after day you will wake up earlier and bamm your life will change

Gather enough of these great tidbits and yes your life will change as well

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San Luis Sourdough Breaded Chicken with Cherry Tomatoes, Shallots and Fresh Mozzarella

Let’s keep it simple.  It is quick and time efficient to make the breadcrumbs with a food processor, but the way I do it starts with the oven and gets me heated up. A glass of wine while cooking definitely doesn’t hurt by improving the warmth in the body.

Tomatoes and Mozzarella on Crusted Chicken

Simple and Tasty

Set up is super important when it comes to keeping things simple and clean. A partner is great, but this recipe is totally manageable with just one chef as well. Bendable cutting boards are great for covering the counter space  and to protect against bacteria and infection.

What do you need?

6– Slices San luis Sourdough  great flavor and very savory as fresh breadcrumbs.

1– Basket Cherry or Grape tomatoes (In season is best)

1 Package of wet mozzarella (buffalo or smoked if preferred)

3– Organic free range brown eggs

2– Tbsp of salt to taste

1– Cup of Flour

2– Large Shallots Peeled and Diced

1– Tsp of Garlic (added towards the end)

1– Pan sized sheet of aluminum foil

Preparation: Slice Mozzarella into round discs, half cherry tomatoes, dice shallots and move on to the crust

While crisping bread slices, add olive oil and and salt to taste. Smash them up when crispy. Bowls are better for liquid (like egg wash) and plates are great for flour/ breadcrumbs. The chicken must be cut thin if not purchased this way. Flour outside completely then knock off excess before dunking in egg wash. Lay down a layer of breadcrumbs on plate and cover all sides. Place in hot pan with olive oil and brown to seal in flavor. Place in oiled glass pan, so nothing sticks and repeat until all chicken is crusted and ready for the oven. Pre heat oven 375 degrees.

Put mozzarella discs on top of chicken.

Heat pan with oil and add shallots (chopped) until they sweat then add some salt add cherry tomatoes. 3 mins is long enough. Place on top chicken then cover with aluminum foil.

New strategies are presented every time we are in the kitchen, or at least to a chef that keeps their eyes open. My wife found a great book with lots of great advice and funny antidotes. The book written as a short, but influential read, named Why do lobsters turn red when you cook them? By Herve This. I will refer to the tasty bits of info from time to time. The author finds a brilliant balance between chemistry and passion in the kitchen. From ions to banana storage, there is a little something for most chefs. Take away what you will. By adding salt to the breadcrumbs I’m drawing out the moisture as the chicken is browned on the stove. If the chicken or roast was thicker Herve This recommends salting at the end to preserve flavor and moisture. This thin sliced chicken has benefits from salting the bread crumbs. Next time we shall salt later to test the theory, most likely before the oven.

This meal is a house favorite. I hope you will enjoy it with your family.

Sauteed Chicken Thighs with Garlic Sugar Snap Peas, Onion and Mushroom

Well… this is a dish that can be made hundreds of times across the net. This dish was kind of back and forth with my wife and I. She wants it to be perfect because she is pregnant. (“No- I want it to be GOOD because I’m pregnant.”) I try my best every time and this dish can be completed easily if the plan is carried out accordingly:

What do you need??

5– Medium sized potatoes
1– half onion (white)
6– Organic Chicken Thighs Trader Joes Preferred 
1– Cup Flour
2– Ounces of Coarse Salt (Margarita Salt) of course!!
1– lbs of Sugar Snap Peas (best when found at a local Farmer’s Market)
2–Ounces of  cooking Sherry
1–Tbsp of Corn Starch
1–Tbsp of Minced Garlic
2–Ounces of Butter
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste


Cut onion through root and stalk while exposing the layers. Core out the middle to help save your eyes. The Sulfuric Acid in the core does a number to you every time this step is skipped.

Sugar Snap Peas (Spoiler Alert)- get those spines out of those darn things. Made a mistake by taking out the spines after blanching. This caused some to be edible, but the rest were extremely hard to eat. This fibrous quality leaves much to be desired texture-wise.

Cut mushrooms into quarters or leave whole (as preferred)


First things first.. Preheat the oven 400 degrees. Brush the potatoes lightly with olive oil and roll them in coarse salt. Medium sized potatoes cook 25-30 minutes. Be sure to place them directly on the oven rack and do not wrap in aluminum foil. Tip Foil traps the moisture inside and gives the spuds a steamed texture. Give them a squeeze to see if they are done, or you can also use a fork if you don’t have (as my son would say) “sand paper” hands.

Heat pan and add olive oil. Salt Chicken on both sides and sprinkle flour then knock off excess. Place in hot large pan and repeat until pan is full. Let the chicken seal and receive some color. Once the chicken is browned place in glass dish to go into oven.

Once chicken is in pan and cooking it is time to take out a smaller pan. Heat and add some oil. Add half onion and salt. Wait a few minutes and add quartered mushrooms. Salt.. Yes salt love it not too much, but throughout the dish a little at a time is optimal. Wait a few minutes and add a small dash of minced garlic. Once the onions have gone clear it is time to pour the small skillet over the awaiting chicken in the glass pan. Cover with foil and 350 degrees in the oven for 15-20 mins. Cutting through the biggest two pieces is a great way to see if the chicken is done.

The Sugar Snap Peas are great when they are blanched (boiled then put in ice bath) then sauteed to crisp up. My wife asked me tonight how I know when to put them in the ice bath. Well the best way is to know once they start turning color they are around half way done, then they become bright then color fades if left in hot water too long.  That is it that is when they are ready for an ice bath. This bath will stop the cooking process and be ready to crisp. Heat pan with olive oil and add the small amount of butter. Try a few to know when they are done. and voila dinner is ready

Oh by the way just found an extra potato that no one ate. That is all me with some fresh avocados on top Yum. Man I love living in California>>>!!

Fresh Sourdough Breaded Pork loin with Mozzarella Mashed Potato and Garlic Spinach

This is a simple and easy way for your next dinner to be a Tasty event! Remember to keep it simple. Preparation can be individual, but having a partner is a great way to stay cleaner. I.E. non contamination. If you are an all star cook waiting for your spouse to get home, just get in there and do your best.

What you need??

5– 1 1/2 inch pork loins
6– Slices of Sourdough bread (medium)
1– Roll of Plastic Wrap
1– Cup Mozzarella
6– Medium size potatoes
1– 2 1/2 onces Spinach (washed)
2– Fresh Garlic cloves (whole)
3– Eggs (organic)
1– Cup of Flour
1– 1/2 cup milk
1– 1/2 stick butter
Olive oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

A food processor is optimal for making quick bread crumbs, but if you have the time. The oven is a great option. Pre heat 350 degrees for 15 mins. Then cut up your sourdough bread, I use San Luis Sourdough, into 1/2 inch squares and spread them on a baking sheet. Drizzle olive oil and season with Salt to taste. Stir occasionally until browned and crispy. Smash them up. Try not to use metal on metal to do so.

Next cut pork in half long ways and lay down plastic on a cutting board. Then lay down thin pork and another layer of plastic on top. Smash down to break down meat with open palm or mallet. This will make your pork cook quickly. Repeat until finished. Put in fridge after completed.

Peel Potatoes (your preference) Boil in Dutch oven until soft. Add milk, cheese and salt/pepper to taste. Starting the potatoes before cooking the pork is key to timing the meal.

Now Set up Flour, Dipping and Breading Station

Flour is best on plate. Eggs are cracked and beaten in bowl. The breading is also best on plate. Always have back up’s just in case more is needed. TIP The farther something is from reach the easier it is to BURN your meal..

Heat pan to med–high and add olive oil. First is flour. Cover with flour then knock off excess. Dip in egg and cover all sides. Have a layer of breading on plate then lay down pork and sprinkle on breading until covered. One by one fill the pan with breaded pork loins until full. Left brown and seal on both sides then transfer to glass pan. Once a one set of pork loins are cooked clean the pan and start again with more olive oil. This will help you keep the same color throughout the process.

Remember no one likes that one dark piece when everyone else’s look great!!

Again drizzle some olive oil in glass pan and cover with foil. Set oven to 350 and 15–20 mins should get you to the right temperature. Cut through to get this desired temperature.

Last is the Spinach. Super quick and super yummy with the right timing. Olive oil in the saute pan Large and add spinach. Add salt and a little bit of butter. A little more oil might be needed, but don’t drowned it. Throw in Garlic (whole) mid way for just a hint of flavor. Tip Too much garlic too early can make your meal drag and the spiciness of the garlic could takeover

Plate mashed Potato place pork on top then add a little pile of garlic spinach and Yes complete and give your self a pad on the back. Yeah!!!!